Chan-bae Industrial Motors Co. Ltd.

History of Chan-bae Industrial Motors Co. Ltd.

Founded in 1986, formerly known as Chan-bae Iron Factory, Chan-bae initially focused on punch processing. In 1988, due to the economic take-off of Taiwan and industrial changes, the company transformed from punch processing to precision processing, and introduced CNC turning and milling machines as the main production equipment, thus officially changed its name to Chan-bae Industrial Motors Co. Ltd. In 1998, to acquire additional machines, we expanded with a new factory in Bali District with an area of 500 pings! In 2003, due to the increase in business volume, the factory was expanded again with additional production equipment, and various departments were established. Now the factory has a scale of approximately 1000 pings with about 90 employees.

Technology and Experience

Chan-bae has accumulated more than 30 years of technology and experience. Our products are gradually diversifying. We mainly produce customized parts, which are widely used in food processing machine parts, textile machine parts, semiconductor machine parts, chemical medical machine parts, wire-cutting parts, high-end bicycle parts and various hardware parts, etc. In order to meet the requirements of customization, we provide a complete one-stop service from purchasing raw materials, professional machine processing, surface treatment to packaging and delivery of finished products. Our professional quality control personnel inspect the quality of the products at any time. Our professional strength provides good quality and earns us a good reputation. At present, our major export countries are Europe and America (55%), Japan (25%), and domestic sales & other countries (20%).
We have accumulated a wide customer base. With Chan-Bae’s rich experience, strong strength, advanced equipment, and comprehensive services, we meet the need of customers in different industries and gain their trust. In this rapidly changing society, we still stand firm and strive to innovate and reform to broaden our vision and create more business opportunities.


  • 1986 – Chan-Bei Industrial Motors Co. Ltd. Was found in Luzhou, New Taipei City.
  • 1988 – Successfully transformed from punch processing to precision professional processing. Introduced CNC lathes and CNC milling machines as the main equipment.
  • 1998 – Expanded the factory to Bari District, New Taipei City
  • 1999 – Obtained ISO 9002:1994 certification
  • 2003 – Second expansion of the factory. The factory site has reached 1000 pings
  • 2004 – Introduced 9-axis complex machining machine
  • 2006 – Introduced lathe robotic arms
  • 2013 – Owning 60 sets of processing machines (CNC lathes, milling machines, combined lathe and milling machines). Introduced automatic 3D inspectors.
  • 2019 – Acquired 70 sets of machines and equipment

Business advantage

Global marketing

Sold in Europe, America / Japan / Taiwan

Across all industries

Food processing machinery / optical medical / semiconductor machines

One-stop service

From cutting to inspection, processing, packaging, full service

30 years of technology and experience

Professional production technology to provide high quality and high precision products